Long title I know – But it really doesn’t leave much to the imagination – This is a video review of the Boilerworks Backcountry boiler from http://www.theboilerwerks.com/

Watch the video review and let me know what you think!

Sorry about my head not being completely in frame.. just turned out that way and I couldn’t be bothered to redo the review.

If you want to use my pictures please ask me first! 1131779_orig 9947769_orig

Posted by Kenneth Shaw

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  1. […] purchased the Ti-tri fusion as I wasn’t 100% satisfied with my Bushbuddy at the time or backcountry boiler. Mainly because of the limits of a pure woodgas stove. When I simply go on a nice little night out […]


  2. Hi Kenneth.
    I cant find any place where to buy a backcountry boiler. Seems like Devin Montgomery has shut Down the production. Or do you know anywhere to buy it.
    Everything , new or seconhand would be welcome. I´m gonna make a comparison of different “chimney-boilers” for the Outsite.org magazine.

    Palle Nielsen


    1. Hi Palle,
      unfortunately Devin seems to have packed up shop and left town.. so maybe a boiler will show up on ebay now and then – but no production


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